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GUTEN TAG! I'm Momiji! Please talk to me! I love making friends!

(this is a mix between the manga and anime Momiji)

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“I would rather live on, carrying the memory until the end. Because even if it’s a sad memory… Even if it’s a memory that only hurts me… Even if it’s a memory that I would rather forget… If I carry it until the end, without running away from it, someday I may become myself who wouldn’t lose to those memories. Because I want to believe there is no such memory that you can just forget.” -- Momiji Sohma

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I’mmostlyoveronmyAUMomiji.I’lleventuallyactuallybebackonthisblogsoon…hopefully sdfgbhji ))

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Kushina smiled at the young, blonde boy..”Sohma Momiji?! That’s a nice name!” she says, laughing a bit..

”You’re not from around here, nee? I haven’t seen you here, before..”


"Mm, nein, I’m not from around here! I like to explore!" he responded rather happily, smiling to her. "Und danke! I like my name too!"

"Ah! What do you like to do for fun?" 

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”Domo! I’m Uzumaki Kushina’ttebane! Nice to meet you!”


"Hallo! I’m Sohma Momiji! Nice to meet you too!" the blonde responds happily, waving.

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"I’m baaaaaack! Anyone miss me, huh, huh, huh?"


I know I haven’t been here in a while


I felt the need to announce this.

This blog is on a trial run for now, and I may not always be on it, BUT here he is. I’m bringing him back~

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